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Saint Valentine's Day

Saint Valentine's Day
I'm going to tell you about Saint Valentine's origins and propose you some activities to work with.
Saint Valentine's background
This festival probably began in Roman times. They celebrated Lupercalia on 14th- 15th February. This day every young man took out the name of a young woman from an urn, she was the man's sweetheart for one year, there were games and dancing, too.
In the 19th century this festival changed the name into Saint Valentine's Day. The reason could be the name of a Christian martyr, who died on 14th February 270. His name was Valentine, he secretly married soldiers to their girlfriends because the Emperor Claudius didn't like soldiers to marry since he thought they wouldn't want to go to war and die if they had a family. When the emperor knew what Valentine was doing, the saint was put into prison and died.
Nowadays the Cupid's residence is in the town of Loveland in Colorado in the USA. The post office receives lots of Valentine's cards from all over the world. The post office cancels the cards with the Loveland Colorado cancellation and stamp a picture of Cupid and romantic verses on the envelope and the cards are returned to the addressee again.
Since the 17th century sweethearts exchange cards and presents, nowadays couples send romantic mails and cards on the internet.
To know more about Saint Valentine's history watch the video.

Now it's time to practice listening skill, click on these activities

Do you like wordsearch?, try this one! (click on the activity to get it bigger)

Are you good at crosswords? (click on the activity to get it bigger)

If you want to send a card and write a poetry on it here there is an example

Valentine's Day verse
Roses are red, Violets are blue

Carnations are sweet,And so are you.

And so are they,That send you this

And when we meet, We'll have a kiss.

Roses red, Violets blue,

Darling sweet, I love you.
Postman, postman,
do your duty,

Take this to my loving beauty.
My pen is black,
My ink is pale,

My love for you, Shall never fail.
My love is like a cabbage,
Divided into two.

The leaves I give to others

But the heart I give to you.

Now, it is time to celebrate your Saint Valentine's Day!

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