viernes, 20 de febrero de 2009

English Phonetics

English Sounds
We all know how difficult it is to pronounce English, students need to have a clear idea about English sounds and practise a lot. For this reason, I have included this article for my students in my blog.

There are some links to study the theory and be able to distinguish between the different vowel and consonantal sounds and some links to do activities.

Click to listen all the sounds, listening activity.
In the following link, you can find pairs of sounds as for example: /I:/-/I/, /S/-/Sh/. If you click on the sounds, you will find more examples and you will be able to listen to the pronunciation. More activities listen and practise.

There are different sounds depending on the place of articulation, the manner of articulation , the way the air comes out. In this link, you can listen the sounds according to their features. English pronunciation.

For advanced students, they can learn about English pronunciation around the world they can click on the following links: American English, Canadian English.

If you want to have some fun , try this one hangman, matching pairs, mazes, shoot a symbol

To check your level in English pronunciation do the tests

You can find more links about English sounds (theory and activities) on the pronunciation corner.

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