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How to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day at school?

This is a complementary activity that can be carried out for teachers at school. Students will know about Irish culture and festivals.
The celebration will take place in the assembly hall and the teachers will go there every hour with their groups. They will be asked to wear something green because it is the colour of Ireland.

On the walls of the hall there will be hung posters about Ireland and Saint Patrick. The posters could be about the Irish Flag, the shamrock, the history of Saint Patrick, the most important cities of Ireland, the history of the Irish Island, Saint Patrick's Day parades,etc. The posters can be elaborated by the teachers or by students in previous classes or as homework.

Teachers will tell them the story of St Patrick, they will look at the Irish map and the posters.

In the classroom, students can also watch a video about Ireland or listen to a Celtic song.
Later there could be a debate about the similarities and differences between Ireland and Spain as well as the typical topics of the countries.
Students will be aware of different cultures and ways of life.

You can find information to carry out this task in the following links:

Here there are also some links to play on the computer.

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